Who is kmit?

KMIT is a ‘self-funded’ (pool) of public entities in Kansas, which provides workers compensation coverage for public entities. KMIT was begun as a program of the League of Kansas Municipalities (LKM) in 1994, and became a ‘stand-alone’ group in 2013. KMIT now serves 177 Kansas public entities, which includes 169 cities, three community colleges, one agency, one community EMS, one township, one county, and the LKM (and has recently opened its membership up to most other Kansas public entities). KMIT is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of public officials from its member entities, and is managed by a contracted Pool Administrator, through the assistance of contracted services provided by several specialized business partners. KMIT serves the entire state of Kansas; its member-entities are located in every part of the State. KMIT is headquartered in Wichita.