The following is a checklist for the coverage of volunteers in KMIT cities

KMIT maintains a spreadsheet of all non-emergency volunteers currently covered for work comp by our member cities.  If you are not sure which, if any, non-emergency volunteers are covered by your city, or if you have ANY question(s) at all about volunteers, please contact

Don Osenbaugh

(316) 259-3847




Emergency service volunteers are automatically covered for work comp in Kansas.  No form or authorization of any kind is required or desired to extend work comp benefits to those volunteers serving as firefighters, police officers, EMS, and First Responders.  Premiums must be paid on these workers. 


KMIT member cities must pay a premium for emergency service volunteers. Members should estimate this part of the payroll when requested by KMIT in the fall (contact Kyle Johnston at (316) 266-6233 or kyle.johnston@corisksol.com with any questions about how to do this). The KMIT payroll auditors from Legacy National will want to know how many volunteers you have and other details.


Volunteers, other than those above, are NOT automatically covered by KMIT. Cities wishing to provide work comp benefits to non-emergency volunteers MUST submit a form WC-123 to the Workers’ Compensation Division of the Kansas Department of Labor and a copy to KMIT. This form can be found here on the website by clicking “document center.” The form is in PDF form so you may print for your use.


Premiums must also be paid for non-emergency volunteers. Cities will be expected to estimate, and then track, the number of hours worked by such volunteers. The premium required will be based on the number of hours and the wages typically paid by the city for tasks being performed by volunteers.


If a city chooses to discontinue coverage of any or all of its non-emergency volunteers, they must submit a form (WC-124) to the Division and a copy to KMIT.


Cities should be VERY SPECIFIC in electing to cover volunteers, and should complete the required form in such a way so as to insure that ONLY those volunteers specifically spelled out are covered.


Submitting a second election form, without first withdrawing the first one, will result in both forms being active by STATE LAW.