KMIT staff teaches a series each year for KMIT member supervisors we call our ‘World Supervisors Seminar Tour’. This training is FREE.

Unique to KMIT, these 3-hour training sessions are all about how to do work comp better. They are designed for supervisors and managers at all levels of your organization, from the line-staff leaders at the lower levels, up-to-and-including department heads and CEO’s (even including City/County Managers and Community College VP’s).

We cover all aspects of work comp management, and talk about Best Practices of work comp, new laws affecting work comp, and also about KMIT-specific procedures.


The 2023 Supervisor Seminar Tour

The 2023 ‘Tour’ stops will be in South Hutchinson (May 4), Edgerton (June 22), TBD (August 24), Jetmore (September 20) and Colby (September 21).

Contact Kyle Johnston for more information or to sign up.